Forever Starts Today: A Jivamukti Journey


I started practising yoga on and off, since 2006.

Four years after my initial encounter in New York City, an opportunity to explore the Jivamukti yoga path presented in India. It is natural to feel apprehensive when embarking on an adventure. The prospect of a new beginning, generated a concoction of emotions; excitement, fear, an awareness of the many unknown and unanticipated challenges, as well as questions. Would I be fit and flexible enough for that yoga course? Will I make new friendships? Who would help if I was injured or unwell? 

Fear was a predominant emotion as I began sacrificing the fundamental securities of life; leaving a job without another lined up, financial investment, and the prospect of being a newcomer in a potentially saturated field.


In the end, motivation and fitness were not the only key ingredients to success along this chosen path. Discipline was essential; acquiring this quality posed as both my quest and my propeller on a daily basis. Discipline got me on my mat for practice everyday, it got me meditating for twenty minutes to an hour daily, and eventually it helped me adopt a healthier and mindfull lifestyle - until it became routine.      


A key lesson I learnt through my yoga journey and live by now is that change has to be self-directed. One needs to be ready, and as you take the first steps of letting fear go - you realise you are prepared.


One of the founders of Jivamukti Yoga, Sharon Gannon, has shown me what it really means to walk the path of Yoga and what is key to remain a committed student. I have now transformed my life, and although the lifestyle aspects of Jivamukti yoga may, at first, appear daunting, I am determined to make the teaching more accessible to everyone curious and/or interested.

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