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vie, 27 mar


Hara yoga studio

Jivamukti Yoga with Petros Haffenrichter

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Jivamukti Yoga with Petros Haffenrichter
Jivamukti Yoga with Petros Haffenrichter

Horario y ubicación

27 mar 2020, 18:00 – 29 mar 2020, 14:00

Hara yoga studio, Via Augusta, 165, 08021 Barcelona, España


Acerca del evento

Jivamukti Yoga with Petros Haffenrichter

  • Friday March 27 

Beyond Bandha & Kirtan: 18:30 - 21:00 h

Level I / II  

Asana is a basic attribute in our life. There is only on Asana: the quality of our relationship with that which is the foundation for our being - the relationship to nature (which always is our nature). The physio-energetical dynamics within us are a mirror of all dynamic life-processes in the universe. Becoming aware of those processes is the key for the comprehension of unity and universality. Specific practices and the experience of how to direct strength and attention leads to this awareness. in the workshop we will learn of the relationship between Bandha (energy-locks), Cakra (energy-centers), Vayu (movement of subtle energies in the physical and energetical body), Tattwa (elements) and and Nadam (Sound). 

  • Saturday March 28 

Kriya / Asana / Pranayama: 10:30 - 13:00 h 

2 classes / Level I / Level II 

Patanjali discribes the ashtanga yoga, the eight-limbed yoga path in his Yoga-Sutras. 

A possible aprroach to an open perspective, deep understanding and the experience of our unlimeted potential and creativity. The different practices allow us to slowly sharpen our focus on the unchangable true nature of our existence, which we eventually meet within us. Due to our way of living, our diet, social conditioning - due to our definition of what's real or not (mostly given through the collective consciousness of our enviroment) and our perception, based upon those principles, a honest view on our own truth, covered by this veil becomes rather difficult. In this workshop we will approach parts of those practices and establish a possible connection to our great potential. With kriyas and practices of nada-yoga (the yoga of sound) we will clense our koshas (body-layers) deeply - so a feeling of clarity and balance can arise. When the body, mind and breath are cleared and opened through those practices, we set the base for a dynamic, challenging asana-practice (for all levels, some experience is recommended, though). What we started with kriyas, we will continue with asana on a more subtle level. Becoming aware of the energy within us, we will then begin a journey towards our very core - through pranayama, conscious, focused breathing we eventually arrive at a point of clarity, peace and freedom. Finally, here we find total silence. A silence that doesn't occur through the outside, but arises from within, with a smile…. 

Balances - Inversions & Hands on assist :  14:30 -17:00 h

All Asana-practice is ment to work on a energetic level through the body layers from gross to subtle. Find a playful afternoon to learn and experience all kinds of challenging, inspiring and stimulating asanas. The key to balance that you will discover in this workshop is generosity. It is our tendency to "HOLD" our balance that makes it shaky and difficult. This great class for all levels explores the many ways in which we can challenge our ability to maintain a generous heart while faced with difficult circumstances.

  • Sunday March 29 /

Playshop: 2 classes Level I / Level II 

Kriya / Asana / Pranayama: 11:00 - 13:30 h 


Yoga & Sound : 14:30 - 17:00 h

Dive into the deepest possible connection to the divine: sound. petros will guide us through amazing patterns of movement and sound.  

 Q & A:

• How did you come to find the path of Yoga/Jivamukti Yoga specifically? 

- My grandfather was co-founder of the german anthroposophic society where vedic philosophy, meditation and yoga was a key element to a holostic approach to life. my father was practicing yoga every morning and practically every book in our house had to do with some form of philosophy, psychology, spirituality or arts. With that kind family influence of course wanted nothing to do with all that ;) but as i was trying to learn how to hold my breath for a long time to hang out under water for longer when i was 20, i figured yogis know best. so i went to a pranayama teacher in greece - from there i found myself in all kinds of yoga teachings, feeling that these practices (asana, breath, concentration, dialogue, dedicated activities of attentiveness, sound, devotion, hanging with likeminded souls)  really resonated with me and felt so familiar. on my path i met many known and unknow knowers of the field, and i always enjoyed spending time with them. all together i trust that your dharma finds you, rather than you looking for the right form of personally preferred activity. I teach jivamukti yoga because it gave me the oppurtunity to emphasize what to my understanding is the most important practice in our time: kindness, nonviolence , the integrity of life and our responsibility to honor that. 

• Has yoga helped you overcome any obstacles in your life?  there are no obstacles

• What do you think is the most rewarding part of your being a Yoga Teacher or Yogi? the satsang 

• What type of yoga do you teach/practice? hatha/raja, karma, bhakti, jnana

• What is special / different about this modality? all inclusiveness 

• How often do you practice yoga? every day

• How do you find time to practice/motivate yourself to practice in your daily life? life is the practice. even if a mat is missing. 

• Do you have any advice for yogis struggling to make time to practice yoga in their busy schedule?  stop working. spend time in nature. trust.

• Have you ever worked/currently work in charity and giving back?  i understand the teaching of yoga as a contribution to a higher state of collective awareness - sharing on all levels is one of the most important attitudes in life. 

• What is your favorite quote about Yoga/Spirituality? OM TAT SAT

• In what ways do you incorporate selfless acts of service into your life? / What charity/outreach work have you done in the past/now/plan to do in the future? i stick to the teachings:  do good, dont talk about it. be kind and share wherever, whe  never, whatever you can offer.   

   • There is some content on youtube, but mosty in german, does it need to be in english ? 


One Session: 35 euros

Full Workshop: 150 euros

(El precio no inlcuye IVA)



-The schedules are those that appear on the page.

-It is the obligation of every student to abide by all the relevant safety rules and to operate within our facilities with due care and safety, Hara Yoga Studio and teachers are not responsible for any injury or illness.

-If you dont have made the payment the place will not be reserved, you can do it directly in our center (Vía Augusta 165, BCN) or bank transfer, do not forget to add the name of the participant, name of the event and name of the workshop, remember to send your voucher to our email:


Payment information:


WLN Yoga S.L.

BBVA ES4101820222190201807457 

Una vez hecho el pago el dinero no es reembolsable



  • Full Workshop

    150,00 €
    Venta finalizada
  • Petros / 27 Friday evening

    Beyond Bandha / 18:30- 21:00 h

    35,00 €
    Venta finalizada
  • Petros / 28 Saturday Morning

    Kriya / Asana / Pranayama / 10:30 - 13:00 h

    35,00 €
    Venta finalizada
  • Petros / 28 Saturday afternoon

    Balances & Inversions / 14:30 -17:00 h

    35,00 €
    Venta finalizada
  • Petros / 29 Sunday Morning

    Kriya Asana Pranayama / 11:00 -13:30 h

    35,00 €
    Venta finalizada
  • Petros / 29 Sunday Afternoon

    Yoga & Sound / 14:30 - 17:00 h

    35,00 €
    Venta finalizada
  • Kirtan Friday

    20,00 €
    Venta finalizada


0,00 €

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