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Hara yoga studio

Teacher Training with Carmen Aguilar 200 h Yoga Alliance (1)

cYoga is the dynamic yoga style created by Carmen Aguilar. While the classes are rooted in the essence and the form of yoga, the delivery is adjusted to our world

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Teacher Training with Carmen Aguilar 200 h Yoga Alliance (1)
Teacher Training with Carmen Aguilar 200 h Yoga Alliance (1)

Horario y ubicación

05 ago 2019, 8:30 – 12:30

Hara yoga studio, Via Augusta, 165, 08021 Barcelona, España

Acerca del evento

About cyoga and Carmen Aguilar 

What is cYoga?

cYoga is the dynamic yoga style created by Carmen Aguilar. While the classes are rooted in the essence and the form of yoga, the delivery is adjusted to our world. cYoga helps students get better by accomplishing poses they could not do before, relieving pains and aches in their bodies, improving their breathing and concentration. cYoga also aims at keeping students engaged throughout the class so they can make a habit out of practicing yoga.

The Basic Elements

cYoga classes are always different. No two classes are the same. Sequences are adapted to the theme and capabilities of the students.

cYoga classes are always challenging. Regardless of the level, challenging cYoga classes keep the students engaged and focused thoughout the class.

cYoga classes are always energizing. cYoga classes always aim to accomplish a peak pose difficult for the students so they leave with a sense of accomplishment.

cYoga classes are always transformational. cYoga classes challenge your believes of what is possible, what you can do and what you cannot.

The Class

The sequence of poses in the class is a key component of cYoga. The class will always have one or several peak poses around which the overall sequence will be created.

The class gives the student the best chance of accomplishing a challenging yoga pose. Often students find that they can do poses in cYoga classes that they cannot do on their own or in any other class.

While basic classes focus on poses and movement, more advanced classes add breathing and meditation exercises along with more advanced poses

About Carmen

Carmen Aguilar, had completed an Engineering degree and then a Masters degree, spoke 4 languages and was deciding in what direction to launch her career when she found yoga. A seemingly crazy choice at the time, she dropped everything and devoted all her energies to the study of this discipline. The deeper she got into it the more it fascinated her.

During the first years she studied with every teacher she could find, completed 5 different Teacher Trainings while she started to develop her own style and her daily practice. Devoting to it 3 hours, 7 days a week, she has been able to reach levels few practitioners share. She has been teaching yoga for more than 19 years and during that time she’s developed a unique teaching style, cYoga, intended to make her students achieve their best both physically and mentally.

In her own words: ‘cYoga came from a craving for an intense practice: I wanted to try things my body couldn’t follow but pretty soon I realized how much sequencing and warming up affected the outcome. An intense asana practice is not only cleansing and rejuvenating, but it can also change the way we’re wired. Our body is the most tangible vehicle to access our very own essence and stepping on our mat is an amazing and precious experience!’

In 2018, she sold her yoga studio, The Lab, and moved to Hawaii, where she lives with her husband Moises, while traveling around the world teaching yoga.

About the YTT

- Class in English

- 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified

- 15th Edition of cyoga YTT program (first in Europe)

- July 2nd to July 21 st, 2019

- Monday to Sunday, 8:30am to 5pm

- At Hara Yoga Studio, Barcelona

- Regular Price: 1980 €

Early Bird until 15/MAY/2019 : 1770 €

(Prices do not include IVA)

Datos de Pago:

Transferencia / Banks:

WLN Yoga S.L.

BBVA ES4101820222190201807457 



- Teaching Methodology - 40hrs

- Hands on Adjustments - 50hrs

- Teaching Practice - 20hrs

- Art of Sequencing - 20hrs

- Anatomy for Yoga - 12hrs

- Meditation and Philosophy - 20hrs

- Business of Yoga - 5hrs

Objective of the training

We want to help you connect with your students and develop rewarding relationships with them; create successful classes, motivate, encourage and make your students interested in yoga; plus help you positively apply this philosophy to your life.

This training is extremely practical and focused on preparing you be comfortable teaching a yoga class. It is the ideal first training for a dedicated student who wants to start sharing her love of the practice by teaching and as a perfect complement to an experienced teacher who wants to expand her understanding of sequencing possibilities and sharpen her adjustments skills.


- Step 1: Get Familiar With The Style.

You can take Carmen’s classes during one of her workshops around the world or practice with her on  to make sure you like the  VIDEO style.

- Step 2: Application Form

Tell us about your practice and why you want to take the training. 

Fill the application form. Click here

- Step 3: Let’s chat

We want to make sure you will really enjoy the training. Let’s have a chat or Skype and you can ask some questions.

- Step 4: Reserve your spot 

Pay a non-refundable 320€ deposit to reserve your spot.


Please send questions and all documentation to and




*Es obligación de todo alumno acatar todas las reglas de seguridad pertinentes y manejarse dentro de nuestras instalaciones con el debido cuidado y seguridad, Hara Yoga Studio y profesores no nos hacemos responsables de cualquier lesión o enfermedad.


* It is the obligation of every student to comply with all the relevant safety rules and to operate within our facilities with due care and safety, Hara Yoga Studio and teachers are not responsible for any injury or illness




Datos de Pago:

Transferencia / Banks:

WLN Yoga S.L.

BBVA ES4101820222190201807457 


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