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jue, 04 jun


Hara yoga studio

Workshop and Training with Carmen Aguilar (in English)

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Workshop and Training with Carmen Aguilar (in English)
Workshop and Training with Carmen Aguilar (in English)

Horario y ubicación

04 jun 2020, 13:00 – 07 jun 2020, 15:00

Hara yoga studio, Via Augusta, 165, 08021 Barcelona, España

Acerca del evento

Workshop and training with Carmen Aguilar

Thursday, June 4th

1:00pm - 3:30pm:

Workshop Adjustments Clinic / Theme: Adjusting Backbends

Level: Teachers 

4:00pm - 5:30pm

Sequencing Theory / Theme: Sequencing Backbends Classes

Level: Teachers 

6:00pm - 8pm:

Yoga Workshop / Theme: Ageless Spine: Unveiling The Secret

All Levels 

Friday, June 5th

 1:00pm - 3:30pm

Adjustments Clinic / Theme: Adjusting Hip Openers

Level: Teachers 

 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Sequencing Theory / Theme: Sequencing Hip Openers classes


 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Yoga Workshop / Theme: Hip Wisdom: Key To Your Treasure Chest

All Levels 

Saturday, June 6th

 10:30am – 12:30pm

Yoga Workshop/ Theme: Inversions: Find Courage, Wisdom, Alignment

All Levels 

 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Asana Clinic/ Theme: Inversions Clinic: Find the perfect line

All Levels 

 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Restorative Movement/ Theme: Lengthening the Spine

All Levels 

Sunday, June 7th

 10:30 am – 12:30pm

Yoga Workshop/ Theme: Transitions: Tips To Caress Without Stress…

All Levels 

 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Meditation Workshop / Theme: Creating Happiness

All Levels 

  • For sign up click the link below,8,6,5 

  • Themes


 - Adjustments Essentials How to adjust Backbends

 Why the front of the body / Essential Backbend adjusts /  Wheels family adjustments / Eka Pada family adjustments

/  Scorpions adjustments  

-  Sequencing Backbends Classes

Backbends are the largest family of yoga postures. We will learn how to classify them, which ones to teach together, what simpler backbends are a preparation for the more challenging ones, how to keep the correct intensity with such a demanding theme and finally how to unwind and return the body back to neutral.  

- Ageless Spine: Unveiling The Secrets For A Beter Backbend Practice - If the words ‘intimidating’ or ‘painful’ come to mind when you describe backbends, this class is for you. In this all level workshop, we’ll cover the elements necessary to eradicate physical pain, mental rambling and overall stress that may arise from this family of poses. There’s a beter, calm and, yes, comfortable way to approach them without straining your lower back and neck or jamming the shoulders. After a proper warm up, we’ll cover several techniques, tips, exercises to access the thoracic spine, isolate flexors’ mobility and increase shoulder range efortlessly, so we can conquer the issues that come with backbending. Poses like Eka Pada Rajakapotasana I & II, Natarajasana - as well as plenty of variations - will be deconstructed in detail. Throw preconceptions and frustrations out the window, leave refreshed, renovated and with plenty of ideas to incorporate at home! All levels welcome.  


-  Adjusting Hip Openers

Adjustments Essentials The 2 direction adjust Standing poses for Hips Splits and Hamstrings Leg Behind the Head Fot Under the Armpit Arm Balances w/ Hips 

- Sequencing Hip Openers classes

 The two great poses in the hip opener family are Leg Behind the Head and Fot Under the Armpit. During this training class, we will learn the diferences between these two poses and how it afects the sequence, the best ways to prepare the body in order to maximize the potential of each student and how to unwind from this intense theme.  

- Hip Wisdom: Key To Your Treasure Chest

 If you think your hips are locked like a vault dor, then this class is for you. If you feel ‘stuck’ in your hip openers, can’t seem to improve them or don’t know where to go, this class is also for you! The body’s multidimensional aspect calls for a much more complex conversation than just talking about ‘tight’ or ‘open’ hips. This class will lead you progressively, through a number of exercises and a thorough sequence, into the complexity of the hips and how to break things down so they’re manageable and applicable to our personal needs. Building up from seated stretches and breathing techniques, flowing slowly through standing poses, until we arrive to our peak poses to deeper understand how to properly rotate the hip joint without involving the knee nor weakening the lower back. Come ready to explore and find some key elements that will bring new understanding to this part of your practice. All levels welcome.  


 - Inversions: Find Courage, Wisdom, Alignment

Going upside down is scary, thrilling, frustrating. It requires technique, consistent practice and atention to detail in order to balance freely. I believe anyone has the ability to balance on their hands, forearms or head, when given enough atention to detail, alignment cues, bandha emphasis and mental imagery. Whether you're starting to invert, you’d like to venture away from the wall but are to scared, or you want to gain more control in your entries, exits, or transitions from/into arm balances, this class will be filled with instruction, exercises, breath work and much more to help you go far and beyond. Gain strength, knowledge, confidence and come out feeling unstoppable. Let’s take flight, shall we? All levels welcome.  

-  Inversions Clinic: Find the perfect line

 This clinic is designed to help you improve your inversions practice, as well as to give you information to help others with their inversions journey. We will discuss the phases a practitioner goes through as they start and practice inversions, how to gain balance and strength, how to find the appropriate skeletal position to hold the inversions with less efort, how to work on transitions and how to have fun doing it all.  

-  Lengthening the Spine

 Every nerve controlling every muscle in the body comes out of the spine. It bends forward, backwards, twists, lengthens and holds an enormous amount of weight to help us live our lives and practice yoga. In this workshop we will losen up the entire spine, find new space in the adjacent muscles and as a result improve our posture.  


 - Transitions: Tips To Caress Without Stres

 This class will approach a number of asanas (standing, siting, inverted, arm balances) and, more importantly, will help you figure out ways to link them efortlessly and safely. A god sequence (Vinyasa Krama), in the right order, can get you easily to places you haven’t been before. When you use smoth transitions to tie things up, it can feel like a moving meditation, serene and quiet; it can also build momentum, concentration and strength. Get ready to experiment both ends of the spectrum, move seamlessly in and out of poses, work on your floating skills, barely brushing the mat and air-drawing shapes. No prior flying experience necessary. Just the desire to do so!  

- Creating Happiness

 Can we find happiness as a state of being? And how much control do we have to create this state in ourselves? During these meditations we will explore the role of meditation in creating happiness, on how to use the information we gather to give us peace and how to use gratitude to raise our frequency.  

  • For sign up click the link below,8,6,5 

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