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vie, 17 jun


Hara Yoga Studio

Yoga + Mobility Training with Adarsh Williams

Yoga Alliance 15 hour CE

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Yoga + Mobility Training with Adarsh Williams
Yoga + Mobility Training with Adarsh Williams

Horario y ubicación

17 jun 2022, 18:00 – 19 jun 2022, 18:00

Hara Yoga Studio, Via Augusta, 165, 08021, Barcelona, CT, España


Acerca del evento

Yoga + Mobility Training

Yoga Alliance 15 hour CE

This Course is perfect for those professionals and serious students looking for a systematic approach to mobility.

But, doesn’t Yoga already have stretching?

While yoga does require full Range of Motion (and beyond), many students struggle through stiffness with no clear pathway of improvement. Also common is the problem of hypermobility, or “too flexible” wich can lead to instability challenges.

By applying principles of dynamic stability and scientific stretching, our students can see rapid improvement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Body Reading - Learn the 2 Major Posture problems that most people suffer from daily
  • Range Of Motion Assessment - Learn how to measure for normal ROM
  • Mobility - Learn the principles of joint mobility and why it matters
  • Scientific Stretching - AIS & PNF
  • Stability - Principles of Torque for Shoulder & Hip Stability
  • Breathing & Bracing - Bandha from a Functional Point of View
  • Fascia, Self-Myofascia Release, & Recovery


  • Yoga + Mobility Training Manual
  • 15 Hours Yoga Alliance CEU
  • Practical Takeaways for your teaching


Friday Night 3 hours: Spine First

18:00 - 21:00h

The spine is the first priority of healthy movement and a pain-free body. The class focuses on clear techniques to help you identify and feel your spine across a wide range of yoga movements.

* Learn the 2 most common spinal “faults” and how to easily check yourself.

* Learn the 5 spine archetypes and how these apply to your favorite yoga poses.

* Keys to midline stability

* Spine mobility  

Saturday Morning 3 hours: Backbends

10:00h- 13:00h

Movement and Mobility specific to the Spine, Shoulders & Hips, and skills to progress in backbends. Understand the foundation principles of backbends, while creating a youthful spine. Suitable for all levels, progress from basic spine mobility to advanced backbends.

* The 3 focal points of successful backbending

* Why strong abs are essential to a resilient spine

* Partner assists and adjustments for backbends

Saturday Afternoon 3 hours: The Wings

14:30h - 17:30h

The shoulders present an unusual challenge for yogis; how to balance mobility and stability? This class helps you to identify the basic shoulder movements, and how to generate strength and range of motion in the upper body.

* Learn the number one shoulder “fault” that leads to most complaints of the neck, shoulder, and upper body.

* Learn clear solutions to stabilize the shoulder in any position.

Sunday Morning 3 hours: The Practice

10:00h- 13:00h

Incorporating meditation and pranayama into to your practice is a natural fit. Learn a simple sequence of centering and breath-work to prep your meditative flow, and how to implement this in your vinyasa practice. This dynamic workshop seamlessly integrates traditional yoga and modern movement systems.

* Pranayama/Kriya

* Meditation

* Intermediate/Advanced asana

Sunday Afternoon 3 hours: The Mighty Psoas

14:30h - 17:30h

Along with the heart and the respiratory diaphragm, the psoas is one of the most essential muscles in the body. To unlock the psoas is to unlock your physical potential. The class helps you to develop a greater sense of the psoas through a wide range of postures.

* Learn how the psoas relates to low back pain

* Learn how a tight psoas can make your belly look bigger.

* Learn how to instantly reset your pelvis and lower back.

Adarsh Bio

Adarsh Williams is an Yoga Alliance teacher trainer (E- RYT 500), Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher (KPJAYI - 2), Mobility WOD coach, and founder of Monterey Yoga in California. With a diverse experience in the wellness field and over twenty years of professional experience, Adarsh has helped organizations and individuals develop programs around the world. He has led trainings and retreats in Europe, Middle East, US, and is a frequent guest teacher in SpaceYoga, Taiwan and SpaceCycle, China.

A direct student of Pattabhi Jois, Adarsh received Authorization in 2004 and has completed numerous certifications with luminaries such as Richard Freeman & John Scott in yoga, Donald Scheumann in bodywork, and Dr. Kelly Starrett in movement and mobility.

Highly regarded for his sensitive, yet deep hands-on style, Adarsh has experience working with a wide variety of students of diverse abilities, ages, and backgrounds. With a deeply held belief that anyone can develop a personal yoga practice, he is an energetic teacher who infuses his enthusiasm for practice and hard work in others. His YouTube channel has become a popular resource in the fitness community and has led to the release of two feature-length instructional videos, Smart Stretch: Active Isolated Stretching & Ashtanga Yoga: Strength, Mobility, Skill.

Adarsh Yoga:





17-18-19 JUNE


Early Bird: 299€ (until September 12th)

Final Price: 350€

Booking price: 120€ (non refundable)

Limited places.  

Cancellation policy The payments made will not be refundable once the training has started and the course material has been delivered, which is personal and non-transferable.

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